In this section, you will find the SCIENTIFIC  PUBLICATIONS (peer reviewed papers, articles, posters, abstracts, etc) produced by PANACEA Network.

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In this section, you will find the TRAINING MATERIALS of different Value Chain Events

Value Chain Event on Oilseed Crops_Imperial College London, 27/3/19 – PROGRAM

  1. Promising oilseed crops for Europe which could be grown on marginal lands (by Efi Alexopoulou)
  2. Bioeconomy as Territorial Regeneration (by Cecilia Giardi)
  3. Chemical Industry Needs From Oilseed Crops (by Jean-Luc Dubois)
  4. The present status and challenges for cultivation of castor in Brazil (by Liv Severino)
  5. Developing harvesting systems for oil crops the case of cardoon (by Luigi Pari)
  6. Saving the rainforest_Environmental impacts of camelina and cambe (by Nils_Rettenmaier)
  7. LIBBIO Lupin beauty from marginal soils (by Rob Van Haren)
  8. Sustainable camelina value chain in Spain (by Yuri Herreras Yambanis)
  9. What is needed for the Next phase in Castors evolution? (by Yuval Peles)

Linked EU projects MAGIC H2020

Value Chain Event on Diversification and new crops_INTIA_Spanish Coop, Navarra_Spain 4-5/06/19

“Knowledge Transfer and training day” PROGRAM

  1. Leguminosas Yeros, almortas, altramuces (by Lucía De la Rosa Fernández INIA)
  2. El Cultivo de la Soja (by Santiago Matesanz de Diego Leche Pascual)
  3. Leguminosas LUPINO (by María José Suso CSIC)
  4. Producción y consumo sostenible de proteína vegetal en Navarra. PROTEVEG (by Luis Orcaray Eche
  5. Sorgo Grano (by Luis Miguel Arregui UPNA)
  7. Juan Sagarna. Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de España) Situación, mercado y necesidades emergentes de los cultivos no alimentarios en la Bioeconomia (BY 
  8. El cultivo de Camelina (by Anibal Capuano CAMELINA COMPANY ESPAÑA SL)
  9. 9_
  10. Experiencias con cultivos aromático-medicinales (by J. A. Lezáun, INTIA)
  11. Colza – Plantas acompañantescompañeras (by J. A. Lezáun, INTIA)
  12. Experiencia con la BIOMASA de cultivos (by Alberto Lafarga, INTIA)
  13. Experiencias con ROTACIONES (by Jesús Goñi Rípodas INTIA)