PANACEA is a Thematic Network promoted by EIP-AGRI and funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The European Innovation Partnership Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) was launched by the European Commission in a bid to promote innovation in the agricultural and forestry sectors and bring research and practice closer together. EIP-AGRI was set up as a new way of helping the agricultural and forestry sectors to become more productive, sustainable and capable of tackling current challenges such as fiercer competition, more volatile market prices, climate change and stricter environmental rules.

The EIP-AGRI focuses on forming partnerships and linking people from different professional backgrounds in the EIP-AGRI network through different types of activities, such as Operational Groups and EIP-AGRI Focus Groups. Different actors within innovation and agriculture – farmers, advisers, researchers, agribusinesses, NGOs and other stakeholders – will work together, share their ideas and turn existing knowledge into innovative solutions and research results that can more easily be put into practice.

The EIP-AGRI Service Point acts as a mediator within the EIP-AGRI Network, enhancing communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in innovating agriculture: farmers, researchers, advisers, businesses, environmental groups, consumer interest groups and other NGOs.

A high-level steering board has kicked off the EIP-AGRI by providing strategic orientations for its implementation. Coordinating agricultural research across the European Research Area, the Standing Committee for Agricultural Research (SCAR), which consists of representatives from Member States and Candidate and Associated Countries, has engaged in assisting the EIP through the development of innovative Horizon 2020 instruments. It is providing advice via a dedicated working group on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS).