As a Thematic Network, PANACEA will collect existing but insufficiently used scientific knowledge and best practices, making it ready to be used by practitioners through accessible and understandable materials, resources and tools and will bring together research, farmer community and industry to capture new research and innovation ideas coming from practice.

With this aim, PANACEA will carry out the following activities in 10 target countries: France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and UK.


Value chain events will match target crop production chains with the relevant markets focusing on one or more of the 4 NFC categories addressed by PANACEA. Two value chain events will be held at each target country.

Most promising near to practice NFC identified and assessed will be disseminated, success stories of NFC, and findings from the consultation of farmers and bio-based industries about the role of NFC in the Bio-economy.

Parallel matchmaking sessions and B2B meetings will also be carried out for the identification of new value chains, needs from end-users and ideas for innovation projects. Results from the events will allow PANACEA to define national Roadmaps with recommendations for the further penetration of NFC in the national agricultural systems.

Built on the knowledge and information collected in the national Value Chain Events, three EU wide level value chain events will be organized in France, Poland and Spain focusing on the oil, lignocellulosic and carbohydrate crops.


An increased penetration of NFC in agricultural systems demands the dissemination and transfer of near to practice NFC, success stories of NFC models and cases bringing together the whole value chain.

With this end, PANACEA will provide training courses in the 10 countries, tailored to the needs of three different target groups:

  • Agronomists: Focus on target NFC crop production and on their whole production chain, prevising them tools to link producers into the value chain.
  • Farmers: Focus in transfer and demonstration of success stories.
  • Agricultural students: Focus on target NFC crop production.

If you are interested in taking part on PANACEA activities on the 10 target countries, you can contact the PANACEA partner/s located in your country.