PANACEA Network aims at the dissemination of near to practice applicable cases of Non-food Crops and at the cooperation between research, industry and farming community, in order to increase the contribution of Non-food Crops to the European Bio-economy Strategy.

Non-food crops (NFC) are those that do not enter the food chains and are used to produce a wide range of bio-based products including polymers, lubricants, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, as well as bioenergy and fuels. Currently, a wide range of NFC plantations can be found in Europe, targeting the production of bio-based products and bioenergy.

However, in spite of considerable investment in research and development, NFC are not widespread in European agriculture, mainly due to challenges in supply chains as well as gaps in the policy framework and in the investment incentives. Thus, the increasing need for feedstock to supply the bio-based industries makes the successful penetration of NFC in EU agriculture necessary.

In this context, PANACEA Network addresses the challenge of increasing the penetration of NFC into the EU Agriculture and Bio-economy, with the following objectives:

  • Create and disseminate an INVENTORY of scientific results near to practice on the sustainable production of NFC.
  • Analyse and contribute to the role that NFC can play in the RURAL RENAISSANCE of Europe taking into consideration the farmers’ and bio-based industries’ needs and interests.

  • Create interactive MULTI-ACTOR COMMUNITIESin 10 countries involving a wide range of actors from science, industry and agricultural practice that will facilitate the dissemination of near to practice NFC solutions and capturing and spreading innovative ideas.

  • Provide TRAINING to farmers, agronomists and agricultural students on practice-oriented knowledge on specific NFC value chains.

  • Develop the online PANACEA PLATFORM, offering services to farmers, agronomists and bio-based industries for knowledge exchange, networking, assessment of the economic and environmental aspects of NFC, and matching between the supply and demand sides for new projects and initiatives.

  • NETWORK with other relevant EU initiatives, such as EIP-AGRI, other Thematic Networks and Operational Groups, ensuring the sustainability on the long term of the Network results.

PANACEA Network is funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and backed up by EIP-AGRI.

  • 3 years

    Starting on November 2017

  • 1,999,500.00 €

    Budget funded by Horizon 2020

  • 18 partners

    Coming from 10 countries

  • +250 farmers & +100 industries consulted

    About Non-food Crops challenges and opportunities

  • +850 stakeholders

    Engaged in national and EU events

  • +750 people trained

    Farmers, agronomists and students

  • +200 Non Food Crops cases

    Near to practice cases, solutions and applications

  • +1000 registered users

    In PANACEA Platform

As a Thematic Network on Non-food Crops (NFC), PANACEA will collect existing but insufficiently used scientific knowledge and best practices, making it ready to be used by practitioners through accessible and understandable materials, resources and tools that will enrich the EIP-AGRI database with concrete solutions that farmers can easily implement.

PANACEA activities will take place both at national level, in 10 Member States, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and UK (see PANACEA in Your Country section), as well as at a European wide level, as the online PANACEA Platform will facilitate the dissemination of results and interaction between stakeholders from all over Europe.

PANACEA is structured in 7 Work Packages, developed to help deliver its results: