PANACEA will produce the following Public Deliverables.

Work Package 1 – Inventory of long-term scientific & innovation results on NFC

D1.1: List of data resources.

D1.2: Inventory of near to practice NFC.

D1.3: Strengths and opportunities of the near to-practice NFC.


Work Package 2 – Contribution of non-food crops to rural renaissance based on biobased industries and farmers’ needs and interests

D2.1: Report on bio-based industries’ needs and interests.

D2.2: Report on farmers’ needs and interests.

D2.3 Report on the role of the NFC in the renaissance of the rural areas.


Work Package 3 – Interactive multi-actor value chains networking on non-food crops

D3.1: Multi-actor PANACEA forum report and database.

D3.2: PANACEA roadmap for the successful penetration of non-food crops the near-to-practice

D3.3: Factsheet with the key issues discussed in the national/regional value chain events

D3.4: Report on findings from the national/regional value chain events.


Work Package 4 – Training of the practitioners on the near-to-practice NFC

D4.1: Training material for the Agronomists and students.

D4.2: Training material for the farmers.

D4.3: Videos for the practitioners.

D4.4: Fact sheet with the trainings of the Agronomists.


Work Package 5 – PANACEA platform to design the path for the successful penetration of NFC into EU knowledge-driven agriculture

D5.1: PANACEA Platform (PP).

D5.2: PANACEA Platform (PP) design and development.

D5.3: PANACEA Platform validation.

D5.4: PANACEA website.


Work Package 6 – Dissemination and communication at large and link establishment with EIP AGRI

D6.1: Dissemination Plan.

D6.2: Dissemination materials.

D6.3: Report on the link between PANACEA and EIP AGRI.

D6.4: List with the practice abstracts following the EIP-AGRI common format

D6.5: Report on PANACEA Events and general Dissemination activities

D6.6: Report on the multi actor networking.


Work Package 7 – Coordination and Management

D7.1: Timetable, work plan, protocols. CONFIDENTIAL.

D7.2: Report of the Advisory Board meetings

D7.3: Report with the scientific publications.

D7.4: Report with the promotional publications.

D7.5: Data Management Plan & Support Pack.