In this section, you will find the Practice Abstracts produced by PANACEA Network, following the EIP-AGRI common format.

Communicating about projects, activities and results is much easier through the use of a common format. The EIP-AGRI common format facilitates knowledge flows on innovative and practice-oriented projects from the start till the end of the project. The use of this format also enables farmers, advisors, researchers and all other actors across the EU to contact each other.

PANACEA has created the following PA format to communicate and disseminate the content of the Practice Abstracts.

PA1 Non-Food Crops for a European BioEconomy
PA2 Spanish value chain event on non-food crops alternatives
PA3 Working day on crop diversification in Spain
PA4 Food and non-food crops for cereal rotation in Spain
PA5 Sugar beet as a renewable resource to replace fossil fuels
PA6 PANACEA for farmers in Poland
PA7 National value chain event on NFC in Poland
PA8 Training demo day for farmers on utilisation of NFC in Poland
PA9 Workshops for agricultural advisors on NFC in Poland
PA10 First National Value Chain Event in Italy, focused on hemp value chain
PA11 Secondo National Value Chain Event in Italia incentrato sulle colture oleaginose multiuso
PA12 Training course for agronomists: non-food croops (NFC) for bioeconomy in Italy