PANACEA Network aims at the dissemination of near to practice applicable cases of Non-food Crops and at the cooperation between research, industry and farming community, in order to increase the contribution of Non-food Crops to the European Bio-economy Strategy. Non-Food Crops (NFC) are considered those that do not enter the food chains and are used to produce a wide range of bio-based products including bioplastics, ‘green’ chemicals, building and construction materials, biofuels, bioenergy etc. In the past decades much R&D effort has been spent on the development of non-food crops and the production of marketable bio-based products. In the framework of PANACEA Network, we are interested on getting feedback from a wide range of bio-based industries on relation to their current and future demands of feedstock and about the driving forces for penetration of Non-food Crops into EU agriculture. To that end, we have designed a questionnaire that will take 10 minutes of your time. Findings from this consultation will allow PANACEA to better grasp the chances of using near to practice Non-food Crops identified by the Network to fulfill the demands of bio-based industries into new value chains in Europe. We thank you beforehand for your time and interest on advancing the prospects of Non-food Crops in the European Bio-economy. Link to questionnaire in English. Link to questionnaire in French. Link to questionnaire in Italian. Link to questionnaire in Portuguese. Link to questionnaire in Polish. Link to questionnaire in Spanish.