PANACEA va produce următoarele livrabile publice.


D1.1: List of data resources.

D1.2: Inventory of near to practice NFC.

D1.3: Strengths and opportunities of the near to-practice NFC.


Work Package 2 – Contribution of non-food crops to rural renaissance based on biobased industries and farmers’ needs and interests

D2.1: Report on bio-based industries’ needs and interests.

D2.2: Report on farmers’ needs and interests.

D2.3 Report on the role of the NFC in the renaissance of the rural areas.


Work Package 3 – Interactive multi-actor value chains networking on non-food crops

D3.1: Multi-actor PANACEA forum report and database.

D3.2: PANACEA roadmap for the successful penetration of non-food crops the near-to-practice

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap France

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Greece

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Italy

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Lithuania

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Netherlands

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Poland

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Portugal

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap Spain

PANACEA D3.2 Roadmap UK

D3.3: Factsheet with the key issues discussed in the national/regional value chain events

D3.4: Report on findings from the national/regional value chain events.


Work Package 4 – Training of the practitioners on the near-to-practice NFC

D4.1: Training material for the Agronomists and students.

D4.2: Training material for the farmers.

D4.3: Videos for the practitioners.

D4.4: Fact sheet with the trainings of the Agronomists.

D4.5: Fact sheet with the trainings of the farmers

D4.6: Fact sheet with the trainings of the students


Work Package 5 – PANACEA platform to design the path for the successful penetration of NFC into EU knowledge-driven agriculture

D5.1: PANACEA Platform (PP).

D5.2: PANACEA Platform (PP) design and development.

D5.3: PANACEA Platform validation.

D5.4: PANACEA website.


Work Package 6 – Dissemination and communication at large and link establishment with EIP AGRI

D6.1: Dissemination Plan.

D6.2: Dissemination materials.

D6.3: Report on the link between PANACEA and EIP AGRI.

D6.4: List with the practice abstracts following the EIP-AGRI common format

D6.5: Report on PANACEA Events and general Dissemination activities

D6.6: Report on the multi actor networking.


Work Package 7 – Coordination and Management

D7.2: Report of the Advisory Board meetings

D7.3: Report with the scientific publications.

D7.4: Report with the promotional publications.

D7.5: Data Management Plan & Support Pack.